One 8000 mAh Battery Plus Free Swaps Each Day of RAGBRAI


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Backroads Battery will provide you with a fully charged 8000 mAh battery each day of RAGBRAI 2019.  You will receive a fully charged battery and a wristband when you arrive at our booth at the Expo.  The wristband allows you to swap for a fresh fully charged battery each day of the trip. We will be stationed each day at the Mr. Pork Chop Lunch Stop.  Just look for our big yellow tent that says PHONE CHARGING and our PHONE CHARGING banners roadside or just let your nose lead you to Mr. Pork Chop's sizzling chops.   At the end of the week, you keep the rechargeable battery.  

Each battery has 2 USB ports to charge a myriad of devices.  

A cable for recharging the battery is included.

Sign up now for the lowest price as it will go up to $45 in July.